Your Guide to a Socially Distanced Summer

While things are re-opening, social distancing is still very much normal when venturing into the public. If you’re wondering how you’re going to spend your summer, look no further! Here is your ultimate guide to remaining safe & healthy while still enforcing social distancing measures.

Read about the places you want to travel.
While 2020 may not be going exactly as planned, there are still ways to visualize yourself experiencing your hard-earned summer plans. Or at least get you through the days until you can actually step on a plane and head out. Find intriguing stories, both non-fiction & fiction, that take place in areas you desire to spend time in. Challenge yourself to read a certain number of books in the week that you’d actually be there! You might be surprised at the fun you have, and the new ideas you’ll add to your itinerary for when you do visit.

Host a “Social Distancing Soirée”
(at your own risk)
If you must have human interaction this summer, invite a small handful of friends & family over (less than 10 people, and masks required, of course!) for an outdoor social distanced cocktail party. Prepare individual finger food plates to avoid grabby hands spreading germs over public spreads, and introduce a signature cocktail! Be sure to set up “hand sanitizing” stations, and place chairs 6 feet apart where guests can converse and enjoy their snacks while still remaining safe under your area’s regulations.
BONUS TIP: If you can leave the back gate open for guests to enter & exit as they please, it will avoid multiple hands touching latches & doorknobs!

This is such a big one and can make such an impact on your summer experience. Especially in areas like Huntington Beach and Orange County, there is so much to see & do without needing to ever step foot out of your area code! Discover & explore new trails, beaches, and parks, and challenge yourself to find the best coffee by trying different shops you’ve never been to before. You can even go so far as to change the sheets & curtains in your rooms to give it less of a familiar ‘feel.’ And if you simply must enjoy your favorite restaurant, try a new cocktail or appetizer to mix it up a bit.
WARNING: It might be easy to open that laptop, take that phone call, or run that *quick* errand. If you’re going to “staycation,” really challenge yourself to avoid the things you would on your regular vacations. This time is meant for you to recharge, even if you are on familiar territory.

Learn, learn, & learn some more.
Many websites are offering a large variety of both free and paid online courses from local and national colleges, including Ivy League schools like Harvard, Yale, & more. Pair this with the information highway of the internet, the ability to check out ebooks from your local library, and the endless documentaries available on most streaming services, you and your family members (regardless of age!) can probably pick up more than one new area of expertise during any extra downtime.

That does it for our list, but we’re sure you have some on yours that we didn’t get to mention! Whether you’re local to Huntington Beach, or halfway across the world, The SeaCliff Team wants to hear your ideas for socially distant summer fun! Head over to our Facebook or Instagram and let us know your ideas today. Don’t forget: tag us in your photos for a chance to be featured!