Stay-At-Home Summer Activities!

Wondering how to make summer feel like… well… summer? While the annual family vacation may be on hold this year, these family-friendly activities are so fun that you may not even notice!

Have a waterside picnic!
Head to your local park (make sure to bring some treats for the ducks!) and enjoy a park-picnic. The nostalgia of your childhood will come rushing back as you share the memories with your partner or family.

Start the day with donuts
During summer, every day is a weekend. Have a surprise donut breakfast before a day of backyard fun!

Host a cookout
If anyone loves the family barbecue favorites, it’s the family!! Who says you need to have guests to fire up the grill?

Enjoy a backyard campout
Pull out the tent, and set up the whole shebang! Use your firepit to roast marshmallows, sleep in sleeping bags under the stars, and leave the cell phones indoors (because you wouldn’t get service in the mountains, anyway)!

Team up for a water fight
Water balloons, water guns, the hose…. anything that shoots water is fair game.

How will you be spending your summer at home?