DIY Backyard Beach

It’s no secret that staying away from the beach seems tough, although currently necessary. Here are some ways to bring the beach home to you.

Start with the net.
No, we don’t mean the internet. Volleyball is a staple of any beach experience. Grab a net, a ball, and get the game going! Can’t find a net? Get creative! An inflatable soccer goal, or maybe even two tiki torches with a string across the top. No matter what, just have fun!

No pool? No problem.
Grab a kiddie pool if you have to. Soaking even just your feet is essential to any beach day, even if it’s just in your backyard.

Pack the cooler.
It’s not really a beach day if you’re not grabbing water, sodas, and drinks from a cooler! Pack it full of ice, drinks, and snacks, and plan on spending the entire afternoon outside.

Don’t forget the umbrella.
What’s a good beach day without some shade? Grab your beach chairs and umbrellas and set up shop. Or better yet, some towels and your favorite beach-read. The key is doing exactly what you’d do at the beach. Even if that means getting your hands on some sand.

Setup the fan.
What’s a beach day without the breeze? If you have a natural breeze at home, excellent! If not, set up a fan (even a small battery-powered one attached to your chair) will do.

Don’t forget the swimsuits.
It’s not a beach day without a swimsuit, and that means for the whole family! Really treat this like a day at the beach, and you’ll be surprised at how much fun it can be!

What are your favorite beach-from-home ideas? Let us know, or better yet, head to our socials and tag us in your backyard beach photos!

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