Surprising Benefits of Living Close to the Beach

A beach sunset and the soothing sounds of ocean waves are typically reason enough to live close to the water, but did you know that there are many hidden benefits to beach-living?

Air quality actually improves as you get nearer the ocean! This is because studies have found that large particles of sea salt in ocean air attract the smaller water droplets that form around air pollution particles and essentially cleanse the air you’re breathing!

And it’s not just your lungs that your choice of real estate can help improve! Scientists have found that people who walk on sand for just twenty minutes a week are 30% happier than people who can’t take advantage of the beautiful coast. 

The relaxation benefits of living by the water can’t be contested, so for those who are looking for a more calming lifestyle, it’s time to head west, and we can help! Reach out today for your home buying needs.