Valentine’s Day in Huntington Beach

Valentine’s Day in Huntington Beach

The wonderful thing about living in such an amazing city is that there is no shortage of things to do. If you can’t get a reservation at your favorite restaurant, don’t sweat it. Here are some fabulous ideas to ensure it will still be a day to remember.

Consider Lunch
Everyone tends to think of dinner as the must-do for Valentine’s Day, but a brunch or lunch can be extremely romantic. Consider grabbing something light and unique. Perhaps mimosas and fondu. Or appetizers and a specialty drink. Wherever you are, keeping the food experience light and casual gives you the opportunity to really focus on each other and your conversation, and what’s more romantic than connecting?

Try Something NEW!
You’re no more than a few miles from the beach at any given time. This is a wonder in its own right! A picnic near the water. A tandem bicycle ride. A morning dolphin-watching cruise. Whatever your desire may be, Huntington Beach has it. Get creative and try something new together.

Long Walks on the Beach
It sounds cliche, but this can do wonders not only for your relationship, but your personal health and happiness. Leave your phones at home, and carve out some time to stride hand-in-hand seaside. The soothing sounds of waves and the breeze are excellent reminders of the tropical paradise at your feet. Add in the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day and you’ve got one amorous evening.

There are many more ways to get creative here in Surf City, USA. From the unique restaurants, bustling night life, and cool ocean breeze, Huntington Beach will never fail to deliver a perfect Valentine’s Day, no matter how last minute you plan.

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