Choosing the Right Size Home

How to Choose the Right Size Home for Your Family

Did you know that here in America, new homes have been growing steadily larger every year?

It’s common to feel like your home is too small for your growing family, and tempting to move into one much larger. Or perhaps your children have grown and left, and your home is overwhelming. Whatever the case, if you feel it’s time to up or downgrade, here are some important factors to consider:

1. Even if you’re unhappy in your current home, think about what you LOVE about it.
Down to the smallest detail! Perhaps you love your master suite. Or the fact there’s room for some storage. Or even the way the kitchen connects to the back patio where you love to enjoy summer nighttime meals. Whatever it be, make a list.

2. Now think about what you don’t like.
Maybe you’re crashing into each other in the galley kitchen. Or perhaps every child has their own room and designated play space, and you realize they rarely come downstairs and you miss them. Maybe you have *too* much storage and it’s overwhelming (ahem…. if you haven’t opened those boxes in 12 years or just found an ancient coupon in an unused drawer, this might be you).

3. Consider your guest-room use.
Do you have family visit only once a year, yet are still managing a home with 3 guest rooms for that one occasion? Or perhaps you have a constant rotation of guests and visitors and they’re sleeping on a futon in the living room/dining room. This might be an important factor in your next home-buyer decision making.

4. Lastly, consider the future.
Maybe your child isn’t quite grown & out, but will be in just two short years. Or perhaps you’ll have elderly family members or parents who will be with you in the near future. While these things can be difficult to predict, it’s important to consider each possibility when choosing your next home in order to avoid yet another move in the not-so-distant future.

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