Living Clutter-Free

Cultivating Clutter-Free Habits

The current “minimalism” trend aside, reducing your home’s clutter can greatly benefit your everyday life. Cutting down everything from spending to time spent cleaning, the perks of “decluttering” are felt across the board.

Here are some tricks to make sure your organization resolution goes beyond the month of January alone.

Start in the Kitchen
One of the easiest ways to start reducing clutter is to review everything in your pantry and fridge. If it’s expired, get rid of it. (Be sure to not only check the ‘Best By’ date, but also review the label for “best if used within” guidelines. Many items may have a long shelf-life, but if opened, are best within only a certain amount of days.) Next, how often do you use the item? Maybe it’s not expired, but maybe it’s half a jar of pickles you used on one occasion three months ago and haven’t touched since. Maybe you have unopened items that are still good but don’t foresee yourself using – don’t forget to check with local food pantries or shelter donation locations before letting those items hit the trash.

Seeing your finished work will motivate you to keep moving through the rest of the house. The trick here is to do this each time before you go to the store. Once the initial clean-out is done, it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes each week to keep it up.

While you’re still in the kitchen…. let’s talk
Are you a family of four with more dishes than you know what to do with? Do you find yourself or your family using the same 5 glasses or mugs over and over even though there’s a cupboard full of options? Maybe it’s time to downsize your dish collection. Keep what is needed for hosting a larger get-together and what is of value to you, but don’t be afraid to let go of that chipped mug that’s missing its mate (and maybe even its handle).

Still have those Queen bedsheets even though you upgraded to a King months ago? Or perhaps you’re holding on to those towels that you no longer put out because you changed up your bathroom decor. This is an easy two-step process…

First, separate your linens by what you use regularly vs. not-so-much.

Next, take the “not-so-much” pile and separate them into two piles based on quality. Anything that is still in good shape becomes guest room linens and towels. Anything that has seen better days is ready to leave your home.

Make Donating Easy
Now that you’ve moved through your home, make future decluttering sessions quick and easy. Keep a large re-usable bin in a closet and each time you come across something in good shape that you no longer need, toss it in the bin. When you run errands or know you’ll be near a donation drop off location, simply put the bin in your car, drive up, donate the contents, and you’re off! If you get in the habit of doing this at least once a month, you’ll never have to wade through the sea of old clothes to find the perfect ensemble again.

While there are many more ways to keep your home clutter-free, these few tips will get you started and are easiest to implement year-round.

How do you stay on top of your home? Let us know!