Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring Cleaning Checklist

While it goes without saying that keeping your home clean year-round is important, Spring Cleaning has become a societal staple. Here is an easy checklist for you to keep track of those not-so-often cleaned places to address in the coming weeks.

Be sure to not only take some glass cleaner to the windows (inside and out), but the sills, jambs, and frames need some TLC, too. You may need a toothbrush or other small item to reach the dust and/or grime thoroughly.

Rugs & Carpets
Sure, shampooing your rugs and carpets might feel like a hassle, but Spring is the time to do it! You’d be surprised at what they can gather over the year.

While you’re at it with the rugs, consider shampooing your couch (depending on the fabric, of course) or at least giving it a real thorough cleaning. This includes vacuuming under cushions and moving it completely to get to the dust bunnies underneath.

Kitchen Appliances
Cleaning behind and under both the refrigerator and the stove will not only ensure maximum cleanliness, but it will also keep pests at bay, such as ants. You’d be surprised at what makes its way into into these crevices.

The Dryer Vent
This bad boy lives to fill up with lint, pet fur, and anything else that comes off of your clothes while they tumble around. We’re not talking about the one you clear out between each load, but rather the main one – typically located in the back of the dryer. Not only should cleaning it out enhance your dryer’s performance and shorten your dry time, but it’s also for yours and your family’s safety. Overflowing dryer vents are a fire hazard. There are about 2,900 home clothes dryer fires per year, and a whopping 34% of these are due to failure to clean the dryer vent regularly, making it the leading cause.

We’re sure there is plenty more you can add to this list, but these alone should leave your home feeling safe, shiny, and new again!

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