Taking the Perfect Beach Day

Taking The Perfect Beach Day

Relaxing at the beach is all it’s cracked up to be, and lucky for us, the sand and the salty-air is available year-round. Keep reading for some tips on how to take the ultimate relaxation day.

Sleep Without an Alarm
While it’s important to not waste the day away, you’re ensured to start relaxed by letting your internal clock do the ticking. 

Don’t Forget the Blanket
While beach chairs are appealing, it can be tough to lug it to a prime oceanfront spot. Opt for a blanket instead. Just adjust the sand to a comfortable position, spread your blanket, and enjoy the simplicity of relaxing as nature intended.

Ditch the Umbrella
Much like the lugging of a chair can be a pain, an umbrella is yet another large item that adds to the load. Opt for a sunhat and a nice pair of sunglasses. Trust us, being free of “stuff” will make your time much more relaxing.

Remember to Bring a Book!
We understand that there are many great options for e-readers these days, but if you choose to use a tablet or phone to do your reading, you will be dealing with sunshine glare. Consider bringing an actual book with you, and don’t be afraid of sunscreen finger prints or sand reaching its pages. That being said, leave your phone in the car. Allowing yourself time to unplug is not only good for your mental health, but it truly let’s you relax to your fullest extent.

Bring a Small Notebook
We’re only human, so it’s natural that thoughts of work and other general “to-dos” will pop up and try to interfere with your much-deserved downtime. Having a notebook on hand lets you jot these thoughts down as they occur, which leaves you to trust they’ll be remembered and deal with them later.

A good beach day is good for your physical and emotional health. Ensure your happiness by finding the time to enjoy living in a Beach City as often as possible!

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