The Benefits of Walking on the Beach

There are so many benefits to walking on the beach (both physical exercise & beyond)! Read on to learn more…

Walking in sand requires more effort than walking on a hard surface.
This will enhance the fitness aspect of walking. The sand also acts as a natural cushion, so some say it’s even easier on your body as a whole.

You can walk at a slower pace.
Because of the additional work it takes to walk in the sand, you can enjoy a more leisurely stroll while still burning calories and strengthening muscles.

Walking on a beach is relaxing.
The fresh ocean air mixed with the sound of the waves tends to be relaxing, and many people find themselves tracking more steps than they would on a treadmill or around their neighborhood.

Vitamin D
This one speaks for itself! The best place to get Vitamin D is directly from the source (safely, of course).

A barefoot walk is “grounding.”
There’s nothing like feeling the earth directly under your feet! In fact, it can even be comforting. (However, if walking long distance– aka: longer than a stroll– you will want to don appropriate footwear.)

Disclaimer: As always, take proper precautions. Sunscreen, water, and a hat are a must for daily beach walks. The plus side: if it’s too hot, you can always jump in the water!