Fall Activities for the Whole Family

The leaves are crisping up and there’s finally a chill in the air, fall is here! Autumnal activities are always a hit with the whole family, so here are five excuses to put on your favorite beanie and enjoy your family fun!

Driveway Tailgate
Who says only sports fans who make it to the stadium can hog all the fun? Get the family outside and set up a tailgate right in your driveway to give your grill a few last chances to impress you before it’s too cold to grill outdoors. BONUS: Set up a face painting station for your little ones to join in the fun, just be sure to put down a tarp. And don’t forget the seven-layer dip!

Build Your Own Scarecrow
Pumpkin carving is fun, but the cleanup can be a bit messy! This fall season, grab a group and make your own scarecrows! Use a wire and glue to attach a 5-gallon paint stick perpendicular to a yardstick, then dress it up for the body. Get creative with the head; paint a face on a stuffed burlap sack, a pumpkin-shaped bucket, or even a pillowcase works!

Tell Ghost Stories
One of the best parts of fall is Halloween, so get in the spirit of the season with some spooky tales! Extra points for sitting around a fire pit and roasting ghost-shaped marshmallows. Best ghost story of the night wins!

Take Advantage of Apple Season
Christmas time doesn’t have the only claim on treat swapping parties! Turn the idea of a cookie-swap on its head and take advantage of apple season! Have all of your family members bake an apple-themed dish and enjoy all the apple pies, apple turnover, and caramel apples you can eat!

Plant Fall Flowers
Gardening is a year-round activity, but not all flowers thrive in all seasons! Swap out the summer buds with flowers that bloom in the fall like chrysanthemums and pansies! After you’ve put the potting soil away, let the kids pick a few of their favorites for flower crowns and flower pressings!

What are your favorite fall activities to do at home? Let us know on social media today!