What to Do When You’re in a Funk

We’ve all had experiences of life’s highest of highs—falling in love, getting the job we’re excited about, or achieving a meaningful goal. And, then there are the times when you may find yourself in a downright funk and unable to access any level of satisfaction or contentment. When life is flowing, it feels amazing—and when you can’t seem to pick yourself up off the couch because you’re feeling unmotivated, listless, and disconnected, it can be debilitating.

The Law of Cycles and Rhythms

Life is a series of cycles and rhythms. There’s really nothing linear about your experiences even though your Western-trained thinking mind may have been conditioned to believe otherwise. When you can first understand the basic law of nature—the Law of Cycles and Rhythms—it can give you a different perspective on how things work so that, at the very least, you can recognize your funks as being one of those cycles everyone goes through. It’s from that understanding that you can then begin to look at tangible actions, practices, and support structures to help you during these times of boredom, complacency, and frustration.

No one enjoys waking up every day feeling as if they have no purpose, no spiritual or personal connection to Self, and no energy to do anything about it even if you are aware of it all. I get it. Being in a funk has the potential of derailing your health, relationships, career, and even preventing you from moving forward in your life. Having a strategy for pulling yourself out of a funk when you land face down is key for getting back on the horse and moving down the path to feeling invigorated, excited, and purpose-based.

What’s important to understand is that there’s nothing inherently wrong with you. It’s normal to just get the blah’s, and there doesn’t necessarily have to be any rhyme or reason for it. Even the most successful, motivated people on the planet go through periods of feeling lost, disconnected, and unmotivated—even when they have a clear direction, tangible goals, and the follow-through to get there. Just remember, like a cloudy day, this too shall pass and then the clouds will part, the sun will shine bright, and, once again, you’ll be on your merry way. In the meantime, how can you induce passion, inspiration, motivation, and follow-through so that you can get on with it already?

Do a Self-Assessment

It’s also worth acknowledging that sometimes landing in a funk is the result of choices you’re making in your life. If this is a place you’ve landed and have been unable to pull yourself out, start by doing a little self-assessment. Do you have a daily practice that is spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical?

Physical Self-Assessment

I always like to start with the physical body. Much of the time, your funks can stem from not taking care of your physical body, and the result is a breakdown in functionality of the entire body-mind connection. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I drinking enough water?
  • Am I getting daily exercise?
  • Am I eating clean?
  • Am I getting restful sleep each night?
  • Am I getting too much sleep?

If any of these are “off”, it’s going to have an adverse effect on your energy levels, mood, mental clarity, focus, and connection to Self, God, Spirit, or the Universe. Take some time to consider where you may need to make some course corrections so you’re more focused on nourishing your physical body. After all, this is your vehicle and it needs quite a bit of TLC to support all that you’re doing in your life.

Mental and Emotional Self-Assessment

If all these areas check out, look then to your mental and emotional well-being. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I doing things to stimulate my mind through education, reading, conversation, etc.?
  • Am I setting meaningful goals in my life?
  • Am I in the right job or line of work and doing things I am passionate about?
  • Am I practicing Mental and Emotional Release® techniques to clear out my baggage and living from a place of emotional intelligence?
  • Am I navigating my emotions in a way that enables me to heal from past grievances?

Likewise, if any of these areas are being neglected, what steps can you take to direct your attention and intention to resolving any conflicts—past or present? Tending to your mental and emotional health is integral for connecting up with who you truly are at the core of your being—what lights you up in positive ways and enables you to fulfill your purpose in this life.


Religious or Spiritual Self-Assessment

Next, look at your religious or spiritual beliefs and practices. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I spending time in meditation and prayer?
  • Do I spend time in gratitude and counting my blessings?
  • Am I connected with my spiritual dharma—or purpose; am I making choices that lead me to fulfilling that purpose?

People who have a committed daily practice that connects them to their religious or spiritual beliefs report feeling more connected with themselves at a higher level and they feel a sense of purpose in everything they do. Knowing that we’re connected to something bigger often gives us the strength and confidence to live more openly and love more fully.

3 Ways to Get Out of a Funk

Here are three additional fun approaches to moving from complacency and boredom into an energized state where you can, once again, activate your creativity and inspiration.

1. Get Outside in Nature

Nature truly is the miracle drug. Getting outside into the fresh air and connecting with nature can be one of the quickest, most effective ways of putting the kibosh on deep-seated inertia. There’s just something about spending time in nature’s domain—breathing fresh air, feeling the wind and sun on your skin, hearing the birds, watching waves crash, and smelling the richness of earth—that has a way of dissolving your troubles. I often have my greatest insights and moments of clarity when I’m out on the trails with my horse, and it’s in those moments where I’m also able to see life from a higher perspective.

2. Turn Up the Tunes and Dance

Music has a magical way of instantaneously changing the energy of a room—and your mood. Since time immemorial, music has been a go-to for us humans when we need to lighten up, celebrate, and get ourselves moving. Pull up your favorite playlist, crank up your tunes, and sing out loud. Dance around the house like a crazy person and notice how quickly you can get your energy moving and shift it so that you feel more energized and inspired in a matter of minutes.

3. Connect with Friends Who Inspire You

It’s been said that the five people you spend the most time with are those whose qualities, characteristics, and attributes you will adopt. Surrounding yourself with people who are positive, successful, and actively working on personal development is a sure-fire way to keep you striving to be all you can be. In low times, reach out to a good friend who you feel inspired by and schedule some face time. Spending time with other people who bring out the best in you and who can help pull you out of feeling empty or flat.

At the end of the day, remember that we all hit low times when we feel unmotivated, listless, and flat. It’s not you, it’s a phase you’re going through. It’s perfectly fine to allow yourself some time to just “be” in the energy of your mood and to practice becoming an observer of how you’re experiencing your thoughts and emotions. This is a healthy way of integrating your emotions. Just keep in mind that you’re in control—even when you think you’re not—and that you can make the choice in any given moment—even when you don’t feel like it—to get up, dust yourself off, and jump back into life. After all, life is what you make it so make it amazing!


By Tris Thorp