Southern California Is More Than Its Beaches


Everyone knows that Southern California is one beach town after another.  With almost 3,500 miles of coastline along the whole state, it’s no surprise that we flock to our beaches, they bring us both adventure and serenity.  Having 163,696 square miles, California has an almost unlimited number of other activities.  How many of these So Cal places have you visited?

Potato Chip Rock (Mt Woodson Summit in San Diego)

An 8-mile round trip hike with an elevation climb of 1,700 ft, it is not an easy hike, but rewarding with beautiful scenery the whole way.

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San Diego Statues

These fun statues are located right next to the USS Midway in San Diego, the highlight being the 30-foot tall Unconditional Surrender statue.






















Slot Canyon (Anza Borrego State Park)

Usually slot canyons are found in Arizona and Utah, but this hard to find gem in So Cal will definitely be a day of adventure.

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LA Observation Deck

Head up to the top of LA City Hall for a fantastic view of downtown Los Angeles from an angle you haven’t seen before.

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Antelope Vally Poppy Reserve

During the spring the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve becomes a carpet of orange as far as the eye can see.

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The Sailing Stones of Racetrack Playa (Inyo, California)

The stones of Racetrack Playa leave trails of movement, yet no one has ever seen them move.

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There are of course hundreds, if not thousands of other things to do, from museums, to historic churches. There are the scary and haunted attractions and the just plain weird.  So Cal is lucky to have whatever you are looking for to get out of the house and experience something new.  One great place to find a very comprehensive list of places to explore is Atlas Obscura.  Have fun adventuring and share your photos with us on our Facebook page at






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