Outdoor Patio Ideas: Turn Your Yard into a Tropical Oasis

Outdoor Patio Ideas: Turn Your Yard into a Tropical Oasis

If tropical settings are what you enjoy, why not experience them every day in the privacy of your own backyard? People generally underestimate the wide range of design ideas that can be incorporated into their backyards such as waterfalls, fire pits and a variety of different types of patio furniture. Many generally default to a simple patio set and barbecue.

It’s not difficult to bring your backyard to life and experience its full potential if you’re willing to put some effort into it. Turn your backyard into an Island getaway with these simple ideas and enjoy every day to its fullest in your own personal escape. Invite your friends and family and give them a taste of your tropical paradise.

1. Water flow
Nothing makes you feel like you’re in the tropics like flowing water. Incorporate a waterfall as the central feature of your garden or a small stream. Even if you’re tight on space, there are several different types of wall fountains you can purchase and easily install. You will quickly come to appreciate the serenity that the simple sound of flowing water can create for you and your guests.

2. Fire
The first place people generally associate a tropical paradise to is Hawaii. Let’s take a page from the Hawaiian handbook and recreate a staple in Hawaiian culture. Instead of traditional lighting, line your garden with tiki torches; nothing says Hawaii like tiki torches. In addition to tiki torches, building a fire-pit is a great option. This may be difficult for smaller back yards. Either way, you will notice a stark difference between traditional patio lighting and fire.

3. Tiki Masks and Thatch
In keeping with the Hawaiian theme, hand-carved tiki masks add a nice touch to your backyard décor. Don’t be shy in selecting bright colored ones either. Bright colors are essential to any Island theme. Additionally, if you have a gazebo or a bar, a thatch roof is a bold statement and will go far in creating that tropical ambiance you’re looking for. When creating a tropical theme, you can never be too bold.

Flowerbeds with tropical flowers are key. Don’t stick to traditional flowers, go more exotic such as a variety of orchids and birds of paradise. When decorating your own personal tropical escape, it’s the little touches that make all the difference in the world. Colorful flower beds add that touch and give your garden the essence they need to recreate that tropical feel.

5. Patio Furniture
The right patio furniture is very important to tie into your theme. Woven fabrics like rattan provide the rustic feel you are looking for in a tropical setting. Using bright colors is also a great technique to recreate the Island feel. A bright colored hammock is a great option as a sidepiece. Plenty of lounge chairs is also essential to creating a comfortable environment for guests. Wicker bar stools are a nice touch if you opt to put in a tiki bar.