Huntington Beach is Good for the Soul

The beach calls to many of us, for its relaxing and restorative powers.  It is not a new concept that experiencing the ocean can have many positive effects on our health and state of mind.  In fact, doctors have been prescribing trips to the shore as early as the 18th century. 

For many people, this means booking their vacations around warm destinations with vast views of blue and cool sand beneath their toes.  For the lucky ones it is part of a daily lifestyle.  Imagine living with a view of the ocean from your front door, or only a quick bike ride away.  Researchers at the University of Exeter in England are trying to find out exactly how it positively benefits people’s health to live near the ocean.  Experiments are even being conducted to prove that just looking at the ocean can reduce stress and encourage physical activity. 

It might be one thing to live near a beautiful sandy beach, but imagine living in a bustling yet quaint beachside community.  Here in Orange County, and particularly the Huntington Beach area, we have access to so many activities.  Swimming, surfing, and strolling on the sand are only the obvious choices.  Did you know you can take a sunset gondola ride through the Huntington Harbor?  Many residents’ favorite way to start off their weekend is taking Fido to the beach.  While dog parks are common, dog beaches are not.  Huntington Dog beach lets you take your best friend off their leash, and frolic in the waves.  Who could be stressed with a morning like that?  If you prefer relaxing by a warm cozy fire, why limit yourself to the living room?  Orange County, has about a dozen beaches with fire pits, so break out the marshmallows, because you won’t get this view from the sofa. 

So not only does living in Huntington Beach promote reduced stress and a feeling of rejuvenation, but healthy living as well.  Whether young, old, single, with a minivan full of kids or even wildly adventurous, living near these beaches is good for the soul. 

By: Jennifer Sharp

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