How A 30-Minute Walk A Day Can Change Your Whole Life

When life gets busy, it can be easy to overlook taking care of ourselves. But even the busiest schedules can accommodate thirty minutes a day to get outside and take a brisk walk. Here are some benefits that this small change can make to your overall health.

Time to center yourself
A walk as short as ten minutes has been shown to improve concentration, focus, and attention span. So take those thirty minutes to clear your mind, and do something you enjoyed. Some people enjoy a quiet walk, where they can think and enjoy the scenery. Others might prefer listening to music or an interesting podcast. Whatever makes those thirty minutes relaxing and enjoyable for you will have the best outcome.

Helps you breathe easier
Our bodies need more oxygen when we exercise, it’s why we often pant during a hard workout. The more we work a muscle the stronger it gets, and our lungs are no different. Regular brisk walks can increase our lung capacity, which will make for easier breathing during more strenuous exercise.

Increases Mindfulness
A brisk walk outdoors can activate all of your senses. You’ll start noticing differences in the smell of cut and uncut grass, how the warmth of the sun on your face changes through the seasons. Taking the time to notice these changes in the world around you can teach you how to be present and mindful of both your environment and yourself.

Stress Reduction
Daily exercise is shown to increase endorphins and drop cortisone levels in our brain. A short walk will activate those same chemical reactions, allowing your mind and body to more easily rid you of common stress symptoms.

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