Benefits of Jogging on the Beach

Running on the Beach has Many Benefits

**DISCLAIMER: We at SeaCliff Team do not claim to be doctors, medical professionals, or health experts.
Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your exercise routine.

Living by the beach carries many excellent health benefits, and while the salt air and beach lifestyle contribute greatly, did you know that your workouts can also prove to be better on the sand?

Here are a few ways jogging on on the shoreline is a workout you should add into your regimen (with your doctor’s approval, of course**).

1. It’s the best workout in the shortest time.
Running on the sand demands more from your muscles and coordination, meaning your body gets an all-over workout in just a short-time. If you can’t make it to the gym or your 60 minute yoga class, try a mile in the sunshine.

2. Your core gets in on the action.
Unlike pavement, you are not running on an even surface. This means that your feet and leg muscles are compensating for unfamiliar terrain, and in order to fill the gaps, your core works overtime.

3. It can actually improve your technique.
As previously stated, running on the sand gives your body much more of an all-over workout. Due to the softness of the sand, your body must create a more fluid motion in order to continue propelling you forward.

These are just a few reasons hitting the sand instead of the pavement can increase your overall running ability and workouts.

What do you love about working out by the waves?