4 Easy Ways To Take The Stress Out Of Your Commute

After a year of many of us working from home, we are slowly making our way back to the office. After experiencing the luxury of being able to walk a few steps to our ‘workplaces,’ getting back in the car to commute to work might seem a bit stressful. Here are some ways to have a more relaxing daily commute!

Take back the time.
Make your daily commute your oasis between other obligations. Be it stressful or relaxing- the time in your car/train/bus is what you make of it. Between podcasts, audiobooks, and free learning resources, there is so much content you can enjoy while you’re behind the wheel!

Listen to classical music.
Storytime in the car not your thing? Put some music on! But before turning up the volume on your favorite high-energy album, consider something a little more soothing. Studies have shown that classical music can help decrease anxiety and that drivers who listen to it are actually safer drivers!!

Use your commute as an opportunity to be more mindful.
Between traffic and general reckless and inconsiderate actions of those on the road, it can be easy to find yourself in a negative space during your commute. Use this time to gently bring your mind to a positive place and teach yourself how to pull your mind into calm thoughts during frustrating moments.

Many of us spend the majority of our waking lives plugged into technology — and it’s been proven to raise stress levels and negatively affect our mental and emotional health. Spending some time tech-free can benefit our mental and physical health, and you might find that your commute is more pleasant when it becomes a mini “getaway.”

How do you cope with rush hour on the road? Let us know your commute-coping tips in the comments or tag us in your favorite tactics on social media!