Vacation Must-Haves

Summer is upon us, and you may be considering traveling in the coming weeks. Here’s everything you need to make sure your summer vacation goes smoothly.

Sunscreen – Just because the weather is a little cooler, doesn’t mean you won’t burn. Enjoy sitting on the beach with a good book with no worries by still slathering on that SPF!

A Turkish blanket – A Turkish blanket is late summer’s best friend. Sturdy enough to lay out on while the sun is out, but cozy enough to pull over yourself and keep you warm while sitting around a bonfire. And the best part? They fold so thinly you’ll barely notice it in your suitcase.

Reusable water bottle – Whether you prefer a hike in the mountains or a day by the pool, staying hydrated is key to making sure you have a wonderful time on vacation. Without the office watercooler right by your desk it can be easy to forget to get your 8 cups a day, so pack up a reusable water bottle and take it everywhere with you.

Sleeping Mask – Being well-rested is the best part of a vacation, so do yourself a favor and pack a sleeping mask. It’ll let you sleep in through not just the sun going up, but any vacation mates who may keep turning the bathroom light on in the middle of the night.

Itinerary – Spur of the moments plans are fun, but sometimes when you’re in an unknown place, it can be helpful to have a loose guide of what you’ll do each day. Jot down a few ideas of things to do before you head off and you’ll be prepared to make a fun memory each day.

What are your best vacation tips? Be sure to share them with us!