The Best Dog-Friendly Home Additions

If you have a four-legged companion, you understand the need to help them feel happy at home! Whether your pups are big or small, here are a few of the most popular dog-friendly renovations you can add to your home.

Feeding Stations

Most pet owners want their furry loved ones to eat in the kitchen along with everyone else, but pet dishes can definitely be messy which could lead to water spillage and kibble overflow.

That being said, a built-in feeding station is a great pet-friendly home renovation idea. You could even do the absolute most and hook up a water line to ensure your pet has fresh water at all times.

Dog Washing Stations

Washing stations for dogs are consistently becoming more popular, and if you’ve ever washed a dog in your bathtub, you can probably see the appeal of installing a dedicated washing station. 

Most look like a regular shower stall but are only half the height. Those with smaller breeds often opt for a counter-height tub that looks like an oversized sink.

The good news is that if you plan on selling your home, you typically recoup your original investment and then some.

Built-in Beds

Giving your dog a built-in bed to sleep in really creates a sense of security for your pup. Not only that, it is like giving them their own room! It’s also quite possible that your dog has a space in nearly every room in the house – converting these to built-ins will allow them to retain their space without you giving up precious floor space.

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