New Year Resolutions… for your home!

New Year, New You! These few tips will you help you bring all the right energy to 2022 and ensure your home is cozier than ever…

Start with the Bedroom

Your bedroom should mimic a personal oasis. This should be somewhere you can unwind, relax, and ignore all of those thoughts in your head that attempt to keep you up at night. So how can we cozy it up? Install strategic lighting, grab yourself some new bedding and splurge on pillows, upgrade your headboard and nightstands, and voila! PS: Adding a pop of living greenery will also help liven things up and bring an au natural element that is soothing and pretty to look at.

Create a Workspace

Let’s face it: working from home isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Even if you’re back in the office most of the time, there will be days where you’ll likely be spending time at home and it’s tough to be productive if you’re STILL working from the dining room table. Whether it’s creating something from scratch, or simply finding a way to spruce it up to feel more “you,” a dedicated workspace will make all the difference when it comes to your workday.

Is that a spa, or a bathroom?

Seriously, let’s talk bathroom relaxation. A hot shower or warm bath should be one of the highlights of your day, even if it’s only 5 minutes long. Deep clean it, add some stylish touches, and hang some fresh eucalyptus IN your shower. Yes, literally in your shower. Trust us.

Natural Light, Natural Light, Natural Light.

Seriously, natural light. Maximize it. Nothing is harsher on your eyes than staring at a computer screen all day, but next up (and this is not scientifically proven) but I’d gather it’s living under yellow stale light all day. We are meant to seek out the sunshine, and letting it into your home can improve your sleeping habits, your mood, and even your overall happiness. Crazy, right?

We hope these tips are some you’re willing to carry throughout the year. Which one is your favorite??