Easy Ways to Prep for Holiday Guests

If you have family or friends coming into town to celebrate the holidays, you know how stressful it can be to keep everyone happy. After all, you’re probably continuing to care for your own family as well as your guest’s needs. Here are some genius tips to help keep your guests independent while they’re essentially living in your home.

  1. Declutter
    Decluttering will not only have a tremendously positive outcome on your mental state, but it will make things easier to navigate for your guests. For example, if they need spare batteries, they will find them in the drawers without tearing everything apart during their initial search.
  2. Add Night Lights
    Adding night lights to doorways and hallways will make nighttime bathroom trip navigation much easier, and ensure guests are less likely to injure themselves or wake the whole household because they’ve bumped into something large and loud.
  3. Create a Coffee Station
    No matter your morning coffee system, it’s going to be so much easier on you if guests can tend to this need on their own in the mornings. Consider even typing up some quick instructions on how to work the machine, just in case.
  4. Make Bathroom Supplies Easy to Find
    Extra TP? Leave it in the open or label the cupboard it’s in. You definitely don’t need a guest yelling from across the house because they just ran out of toilet paper or a flooded bathroom because there is no available plunger for an embarrassed guest at 3am.
  5. Consider Sleeping Barriers
    If your guests will be sleeping out in the open (living room, office, etc) or amongst others, consider buying rolling barriers or folding screens to provide some privacy.

These tips will help keep your home guest-ready and ensure less overwhelm when it comes to hosting. From our families to yours: happy holidays!