5 Tips For Your New Home

Congratulations on your new home! Now what? It’s important for new homeowners to start off on the right page. Here are 5 tips for new homeowners that we think are super important to know:

Do a deep clean before fully moving in While we’re sure when you move in everything will be spotless, it never hurts to do a little extra deep clean just to start off on the right foot in your new space.

Start an emergency house fund You are always better safe than sorry and you never know when something is wrong how much it will cost since it varies.

Find a handyman you could trust There are a lot of miscellaneous tasks that a handyman would be able to assist with once you move in and for the entirety of the time living at your home.

Introduce yourself to your neighbors Establishing a relationship can make your living situation even more enjoyable. Build relationships to help you learn more about your neighborhood and even make memories!

Be prepared to pay property taxes While there are a lot of tax breaks and financial benefits to owning a home, don’t forget to pay your property taxes. Property taxes are specific to your county’s tax rates and the assessed value of your home.

Did we miss anything? Let us know!